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Get Started


First Meeting & Pilot

We will have an initial briefing session and discuss what has worked for you in the past and what needs improving. We will get you to fill out our standard questionnaire with your company background, features and benefits of your products/services. We will also like to know who your target demographic is. Once we've agreed on the data that we're going to use for the campaign we can confirm a campaign start date.

Pay Invoice

Once we've received the campaign questionnaire and you're ready to come on board, we will put together a statement of work which will outline the Campaign goals and objectives as a whole. This will include the number of leads needed to reach your target ROI. We will then submit an invoice. We will be ready to start work as soon as the invoice has been paid for the month.



You will get an analysis of your calling statistics at the end of every week. Our admin department will send you a statistical analysis of number of leads submitted.

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